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About Clarocode


Clarocode Company, LLC provides Organizational Improvement Services, specializing in Custom Software Development and Business Process Solutions. We provide guidance for Business Management and Organizational Improvement teams through assessments, technical assistance, and mentoring training services.

Clarocode is unique in that we combine the critical business and technical elements with a Mentoring Approach that provides clients with relevant skills for long-term benefits and savings.

  • Performing On-Site Business Management Assessments
  • Reviewing Organizational Compliance
  • Developing and Updating Administrative Policies and Procedures
  • Developing and Integrating Software and Web Solutions
  • Providing Technical Assistance In All Areas of Program Administration
  • Providing Web and Email Hosting Solutions
  • Presenting Technical and End-User Programming and Software Training

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What's in a Name?

The Clarocode name was chosen to reflect our core beliefs and strengths as individuals and as an organization.

CLARO (klahr'-oh)

Derivation: From the Spanish 'claro,' meaning 'clearly,' or 'of course.'

Meaning: Our goals include helping you by clarifying your situation to the point where you can say, "Of Course!"

CODE (kohd)

Derivation: A term with dual meanings; reflecting our expertise in the areas of programming code and regulatory code compliance.

Meaning: We will assist you with your organizational improvement needs, from the foundations of your management strategies through RFP and proposal requirements analysis, to regulatory compliance and team software development capabilites.

Your partner in attaining your organizational and team goals,
improving your internal and regulatory compliance efforts,
and focusing on continued growth and profitability.

The Clarocode Difference

Clarocode rises above the label of Consulting Firm by combining Process Improvement and Software Development for a total business solution. We show our dedication to your organization’s improvement by preparing your staff to address future needs on their own, which improves ROI and decreases future costs.

Our approach goes well beyond simple checklists and forms by providing your personnel with the necessary skills to maintain and improve the organization. Clarocode’s mentoring and hands-on technical assistance is the key to our commitment to your organizational improvement efforts.

Clarocode Values


Clarocode will foster improvement in software development and business process for our clients through a collaborative mentoring approach based on relationships and integrity.


By providing new ways of learning and implementing development and business concepts and skills, Clarocode will improve the effectiveness and efficiency of our clients.

Guiding Principles

  • We will always conduct our business with Integrity.
  • We will provide true Value.
  • We will be known for our Friendliness.
  • We will base our business on Relationships.
  • We will approach ideas with Open Minds.
  • We will strive to foster Community.

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